corporate video - Google
Google | "Google Air"
Video Spoof of Fergie's hit song, "Glamorous." Produced for Google Atlanta about a fictitious Google airline.
corporate video - airlines
Song | "Songapalooza"
Motivational Video shot in New York City for Delta Airlines' sister company. Distributed to all employees.

WINNER: Telly Award
(Bronze - Non-Broadcast Film/Video, Corporate Image )
corporate video - new features
Carriage RV | "New Features"
Promotional video developed for marketing conference of Carriage RV dealers. The video follows the adventures of Pepe and Chewey the Ape as they check out the client's luxury fifth-wheel RV line.
corporate video - testimonial | "Customer Testimonial"
Testimonial Video. A customer explains how he utilizes the services of, the world's largest online manufacturing marketplace.
  corporate video - wildlife
La Escalera Ranch | "Wildlife"
Corporate video showcasing La Escalera Ranch's abundant wildlife. The video is currently featured on client's Web site and is part of the client's promotional campaign on YouTube.
corporate video - roadshow intro | "Fusion Roadshow Intro"
This cinematic-like video was used as a roadshow preview and served as the roadshow's opening video piece.
corporate video - conference
BellSouth | "Running With The Big Dogs"
Documentary of client's Central District Managers Conference. Guest speaker for the event was Dan Cathy, Chick-fil-A's President & Chief Operating Officer.
corporate video - tv commercial
BBQ Festival | "TV Commercial"
Thirty-second TV commercial. This promotional video for this community event was shown throughout the Greater Atlanta Area.
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